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Hello, everyone!

The main reason why you could not play anime episode (90% of all cases) is started by your browser’s or phone’s Adblocker plugin. Another popular reason could be in your VPN. If video load for a few seconds, and you even could see a play button, but unexpectedly such button disappears – it means that you definitely have AdBlocker or VPN problem. The fix could be pretty simple:

a) whitelist our website in your Adblocker or disable Adblocker
b) disable VPN
c) change your browser (because some browsers have VPN running by default

Sometimes our episodes are downloading for too long time due to memory capacity we had on video servers. It happens temporarily, so be aware of that. In one hour or two all is starting to work fine. We always increasing our servers power due to steady increasing of our project popularity, so do not warry about that.

Also, please be aware, that if video chosen by you will not play immediately after you push “Play” button – just be patient and wait around 1 minute. Streaming speed is depending on size of the episode and amount of people who watching it at the same moment with you. One way to fix that issue is to change or update your browser or to clear browser’s cache.

If video isn't loading, or if you anything to say - please, tell us! We will fix or reply as soon as we can.